Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Roll your eyes. I know you want to!! If you've never seen my profile, I'm a freak of Twilight. Yes--It's one of those obsessions that is truly sick and twisted. I do try to rein myself in. I now have my life-size Edward hanging in the closet instead of in my room on my wall-which was a gift-I draw the line at buying myself lifesize replicas of R-Pattz, but keep that in mind for future gift-giving that I never look a gift horse in the mouth. ;P
I started thinking about this the other night. I realized that, if you're familiar with these books, that Bella, who, just for the record, was a character I didn't like until the 4th book, made a huge transition that she felt made her stronger. If you're not familiar with these books, (CUE THE "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" MUSIC!) Bella is a depressed (not that it says that, but it's pretty much implied if you know what depression is like) teen who seemed to be totally out of her element as a person, per se. She happens to be the "singer", or bloodlust, of a vampire (Edward, who falls in love w/ her) whose coven is a family that does not drink human blood. They feed off animals. Anyway, long story short, Bella is very needy in the fact that the 2nd book, when her vamp boyfriend Edward leaves her in order not to hurt her (I know, no human can get away with that line, but he's a killer vampire, mind you), she befriends Jake, who happens to shift into a wolf who protects his Native tribe from vampires, and Bella seems to not be able to live without either of them (though it's not romantic w/ Jake, even though he wants it to be). Have I lost you yet?? Sorry....There's a lot more to the story, but the point that I'm making is that Bella never felt right as a human. When she gets Edward back, they end up getting married in the 4th book, and she gets changed into a really kick-ass vampire, which I fall in love with! To me, she becomes the epitome of strength that she should be.
I'm seeing that in M. M is finally becoming the person that s/he needs to be. It's going to be a long road, but I was assured that we will get through it. I believe we will, not unscathed, but with more wisdom and openness that is important in this new phase of our lives.
I'm going to be an empty nester in the next year or 2. Because M has been gone with her Godparents until this week, and will be gone this weekend, I'm really feeling the effects of what that's like. It's scary and a little lonely. I hope that this next year gives M the readiness for the future and what's in store, and I hope and pray that it's good!
As for me, feeling the effects of empty-nest makes me want to really figure out what I want to be a part of in the coming years. Whether I make a career change, or become a part of something outside of my career.


  1. And now i'ma hafta read the books... Which I was avoiding (my sister was encouraging me to a while back, she's a big fan too, I've never really had time to take interest and find out what it's about) so thanks! ;-) I hope you're both well.

  2. @ABBY It's bad writing, but it get's better throughout. It's the whole love story, I think.

  3. 's'hard for me, books need to hook me early or I loose patience. Everyone raves about Sig Larson, 30 mins I was over it, too complicated! Get to the point already! I do like a good read and a good love story though, so I guess we'll see. If I'm wasting my time, I'm gonna hold you and my sister personally responsible. ;-P

  4. Abby, Sieg didn't get to the point of the book until page 180 or so. It's all about the psyche of the characters.

  5. Meh! Nowhere near patient enough for that! Just ain't gonna happen :-)