Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I just realized something on the way home from work tonight. I've compared my child to so many people, and I realized that once she told me she didn't feel like a girl, I didn't feel like I was comparing. It blows me away. As much as I was upset about her "coming out", I felt relieved in so many other ways!
Just think, I don't have as many kids to compare her to-not that I should do that, but it's in my WASP nature. However, I realize how I really don't plan on doing that anymore. How can I compare? Why did I ever? I vowed all my life not to be like my mom and compare and be envious of people. I've not had the envy part. I like to live minimally, but I do compare my child and wish that she did more things, or was more a girly-girl, or whatever. No more. She's awesome. She's also 18. I need to start letting her fly. That's hard to do.

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