Sunday, July 24, 2011


M is going to L.A. for a vid-con next weekend. I'm very excited to see her go out into the world without me. I'm one of those people that either holds her kid too close like a mother bear, or drops it out of the nest like an eagle.
This is something that has been anticipated because it will mark M's first time as going someplace where s/he will go as M, the young man. I'm excited for this, yet rather scared at the same time. I trust M will make good decisions, so I anticipate M to not take any drinks from people (preferably non-alcoholic), check in each evening when getting back, and get help when needed. Today we are going up to Capital Hill to a store that sells binders. M doesn't know we're doing that yet, but I think it's important. In my view, it's something that I've procrastinated on. But first, we're going to church and having dinner with the family.
I told M's aunt, who is a good friend of mine (father's sister) about M. I'm glad I talked to her because she told me that I may not want to tell other people in the family besides M's uncle, as the family is quite conservative and may blame me and stuff. Good pointers. I do know that M's grandma tends to look at how people raise their children and the problems they have. I could say some things about her 2nd offspring, but that's the old Gretchen who tries very hard not to judge. Marcia is Marcia, and she's still very much a part of our life, and always will be, even if M comes out to her.
Anyway, I continue to feel overwhelmed and appreciative of the support and pointers that I'm given by you. It's been the community of followers, blogs, and professionals that have helped me take a big leap in the past few weeks by stepping back and seeing what I need to do to continue supporting M.

Thank you, and I actually am in the middle of writing another entry that I may put on tonight or tomorrow. You will probably see more this week just because this is an outlet, and there's a lot of stress going on in the household. M needs to finish her summer school before going to L.A., and I know that's gonna be a drama in our household. My house will be a stage this week with all of it, I'm sure.

Take care!


  1. I can't believe you're buying M binders! How dare you! Just kidding, really. In all seriousness though, I am truly amazed how quickly you are moving through towards the acceptance phase, but I shouldn't be surprised considering how evident your love for M is. Way to go Mama! I'll be looking forward to your other posts!

  2. What's funny, is I still can't seem to buy Axe. Weird, I know.