Saturday, March 29, 2014

Meeting New People

I would love your feedback. I have moved since October, since I got a new job that was a 30 mile commute PLUS a lot of traveling during work hours, so I have moved up just north of Seattle.

I feel, whether it is because I no longer take any kind of medication or what, that I realize I am not connecting to people anymore. My old friends are very busy, and seem far away, and I seem to have a tough time making new friends. Here in Seattle, it seems harder to make friends, anyway.

I would love some pointers, so let me know if you have any ideas. Keep in mind, I have 2 jobs now, so I work around 56 hours/ wk.


Friday, March 28, 2014

For A Cause

Hi All!

I know, you are probably thinking I fell off the face of the earth! Not quite. Just a very busy person. I hope you all are well. It has been quite a (almost) year since I last posted, and I wish I have been keeping up on this blog for a couple reasons. Firstly, I don't like to just drop off the face of the earth, even though I probably had let you know, and second, I do think that consistency is key, especially when I am asking for help.

Owen is trying to fundraise for his top surgery. We are both not that good at asking for help when it comes to money, but he did ask me to post his fundraiser. I am not asking you to give, but if you know of people who would like to help, or if you feel comfortable being a safe place to post this, I would be obliged. I know how much this will mean to him, and he is also asking for a certain amount so he raises the rest on his own, which is great!

His fundraiser is wwwDOTyoucaringDOTcom/medical-fundraiser/help-owen-get-top-surgery-/154447 .

We are not crafty, and as much as I would like to think we are poets (I have a blog, so it's true, I know it!) I really don't have anything to write except the gratitude that comes from generous people!

I also am going to try to post more in the future. I have a lot to say, and this seems to put my thoughts in order. :)

Just to let you know, O is doing great. He is learning a lot about himself. He has his ups and downs, but he sees them differently now, and it is so much nicer. :)