Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enough with the heavy, Gretch! ;)

Today we got a cat. His name is Captain Jack, as in Harkness, not Sparrow. His name originally is Max. M loves Torchwood, so Max is now Jack. I really hope he likes his name. If he doesn't, I hope that he has the voice to tell us, and, with all the support we can get, we accept his name as Max.
Am I sounding a little passive-aggressive right now? I'm thankful for all the support I've been getting from all of you, whether good or bad. I didn't think that when I wrote this blog, that I would get comments about my parenting skills. This is the last entry that I'm going to make regarding a reply to a comment, but I want to assure you that 18 years ago, when I had a baby girl, I did not worry about whether her gender was going to be a choice in her life. I worried about the fact that her father was a threat to us as a human being, who I would give custody to if I died, whether or not she was going to have sex as a teen, and what career path she would choose. And most of all, everyday, I always questioned my parenting skills. Because of that, it has prepared me for what has been going on in M's life now. I can truly say that my choice of becoming a parent has been a roller coaster all of that time, and I LOVE riding it. The mistakes I have made have nothing to do with what kind of person M is now, and the decision on becoming a mother altogether is another story. One that was not made lightly. God has been the center of our lives, and because of that, I have been able to be challenged and keep coming back to the same conclusion, of loving my child.
This is the 2nd heavy blog I've made in a row. I planned on approaching this subject with a mix of humor and angst, which, in future posts you will see that.
Thank you to all who support and respond. Remember, I don't reject criticism, but I do reject judgment from people that do not have a clue of my personal feelings and life as a parent.


  1. M has good taste, Torchwood rocks! My son and I always sit down to watch it when its on, although if we were watching it in the living room he'd be hiding behind the settee for some scenes in the current series and not ducking his head under a blanket.

    We have a running joke in our house where when I'm annoying him as a parent I tell him its in my job spec. Giving us parents a roller-coaster ride in life is in the job spec for a child I think. My son has certainly done that.

    I had a conversation with a colleague years ago when him and his wife were thinking of having their first child, he asked something along the lines of how do you cope and is it worth it. All I could say, and still do today when talking with others, was that you just do cope and that it is so worth it.

    Life is never going to be simple once you have children but the joy that they bring is so worth it.

  2. You're right on the mark Jenny. :D