Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taking a breather.....or took one......Not sure

I realized, and I put this on my Facebook page, that I don't have any right to be offended when I choose to publicly blog my thoughts. I follow a blog by a guy who's Christian and is all for rights for all, and he gets a lot of shit! Long story short, he posted something I wrote, and of the VERY MANY responses, 3 were not cool! I was offended. My friend was mad because he posted w/o my permission, but it was anonymous, so I don't care, but at the same time, why, when I blog to what could be the masses, I get offended by what is said? I choose to have people let me know what they think. Not saying that the people in question on the other guy's blog were nice. They weren't. I was basically said to be rolling over and taking it, and not having a father in M's life, which isn't true anyway. Whatevs. That's why I had to take a breather from saying anything. It's almost like I want to take a breather from the trans life. It's really hard with school starting and M wanting to be stealth, which is hard when in PE there will be an issue w/ wearing a binder because it restricts breathing. @@ oy. I'm questioning why I'M so worried about this! I need to quit the coddling. Too tired. I'm too sexy for grey hair! ;) I'm going to post some pics just for eye candy. For me. I have a Guinness in the fridge. Might pop it tonight.

Here's what I look at when I have a long day. Something about those Englishmen.


  1. Boy, I really sounded exasperated last night. Oh Well...that's what this is here for.

  2. ACtually I thought the fact that MOST responses were sympathetic or downright positive made the story and comments a wonderful piece over all. The nay-sayers are almost a necessity - one of them showed his true colors...and they weren't Christ-like at all! These people show their own intolerance and hatred, something Christ teaches against, yet they claim to speak for other Christians.

    Don't let it bother you. The positive definitely outweighed the negative.

  3. I know what you mean - I've been blogging for a while, and so far have been extremely lucky in that I've gotten very very few negative responses. But those very very few, only a handful, stressed the hell out of me, plagued me all day, and in general made me very upset.

    Yet, we are blogging, and we are putting ourselves out there for others to see, and with that comes the good - creating visibility, enacting progress, helping others - and the bad - we get attacked and take it personal.

    Just... try not to take it personal - these people are bigoted and would say anything negative to anyone, regardless. Ignore them, take a breather for a day or two, vent to someone quietly. It's also not worth it to respond if they aren't going to listen.

    As always, I wish you all the best.

  4. Thank you both. You are awesome. I need to just take everything in stride. Love to all.