Sunday, August 7, 2011

Like Jesus

There is a line in "Walk the Line" where June Carter's parents got tell her to take care of Johnny Cash as he's trying to get over his drinking. She feels guilty for the affair she had with him, but her parents said, and I say this NOT verbatim, because it's been years since I've see the movie. "It doesn't matter honey, because we need to love him". If you're not familiar with the Carters, they were a big gospel family in the 40s and 50s. To me, that one statement was the epitome of love and what it meant to be like Jesus. I say this because M told her father and others that she was transgender. (See labels for url.)
Her Dad was so supportive, and I'm so glad because M was so worried about that. To say the least, I am very proud of my kid!
M went to a transgender conference, and at first didn't want to go, but I made her, and guess what? She found out an old friend from her old school was trans, and also made new friends. One that will be going to the same high school! Today was a great day. Seeing happiness in my child from what used to be such a dark place is so awesome!

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  1. "Seeing happiness in my child from what used to be such a dark place is so awesome!"

    I'm so proud of you, Momma! Those words ring so true, and you're ability to see beyond your understanding and simply love your child is awesome.
    BTW, can you call me sometime? I can't find your number on my phone. Grrr. :)