Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi All! I have the good fortune of living in Seattle, so I was able to go to the Seattle Gender Odyssey Conference that was held this weekend. If you went, I want you to comment and let me know how you liked it! I know that I've been lax about posting, and I usually gave you a reason, but I just wanted to stop by. I'm working on a paper for my Psych class right now, so I'm taking a break. I think it helps to go to another topic in order to re-group. The conference was great, and it really educated me in many ways. It's nice to go to a place where you have a common ground. There are some things that I realized about myself while I was there that were both surprising and informative, yet I'm glad that they are there, and I'm not getting into them today. It's not the reason for this exercise. The reason for this exercise is that I tend to really hate Facebook right now. So much stuff that I don't like. Politics, hate stuff. UGH. But I did find this on there. I commented on it that there are days where I question myself, so this was nice to wake up to. The nice thing about conferences and education on this stuff is I can say that what bad parenting techniques I DID have had nothing to do with how my son turned out. It's not something I DIDN'T know, it's just a good reinforcement. I do wonder something, though, as I was looking at a FB friend who I really don't talk to a lot. Do you ever see people in pictures or something and wonder if they're hiding something, or are sinister in some way (I ask that because I see that)? If he is, whatever that may be, and he doesn't act it out, does that make him a better person than my son, who is "sinning" by being a gay male? I ask that because he is very much against anything LGBTQ. Just wondering. I would love your thoughts. PLEASE! I KNOW YOU READ THIS! :D

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