Saturday, December 31, 2011

What, if anything, do we fight for?

I'm a little behind the times when it comes to this post. I haven't really delved into whether Sojourners has answered these accusations-- Supposedly Progressive Christian Sojourners Rejects LGBT Ad, but I was a big fan of Sojourners because it was the first progressive Christian link I ever found. I got to meet Jim Wallis when he spoke in Seattle a few years back. I really like his politics because I was so against the Iraq war.

This does come up, though, as to what do we fight for? When the UCC did their ad campaign regarding gay rights in the church, according to the linked article, Sojourners turned it down, stating they were not going to take sides on this issue. That is a tough and angry topic. One that, even in a progressive stance, can be split. Why? Because even though you work for something, there are still supporters who don't agree with you. Jim Wallis will say he stands up for LGBT rights, and he probably theory. But to advertise it can be financially rough. First of all, Sojourners is more on the political views of the poor, war, and anything economically challenging. That is their biggest standpoint. THAT is what they're going to stand for. If one of their biggest supporters still has issues with LGBT rights, I doubt you will see them wanting to advertise their stance on how they feel about that. They can lose their support.

This is just my theory. I'm not standing up for him, but I'm not standing against him either, because I have heard him, and know that he does support rights for all. So, I do have to say, I was disappointed in Jim Wallis for this. I like his magazines, and when he asked me for a donation in his e-mail, I turned him down and let him know why. My $$$ is going toward Gender Odyssey, which I ask you to let people know about. This needs your support in educating the public and supporting families about Transgender rights. It's helping gender variant people and families educate everyone.

I digress. I still will support Sojourners and Jim Wallis' quest in educating people-and I'll get a magazine every couple months for my entertainment for doing that. I know he means well, but sometimes, unfortunately, he still has to look at the almighty dollar--whether or not he looks to God first. Big example before I close. I. HATE. WALMART! It is in my best interest to never shop there because of.....well, because of EVERYTHING. But when I get a present, and I'm strapped for cash, that's where I go. Money. As much as we rely on God, we still see dollar signs a little too much. It's that human thing. As I write this, I see how small my Walmart shopping may be compared to Sojourners' rejection of a huge ad, but that's my thought process.
**UPDATE: I was reading John Shore this evening--click on his name for his blog regarding Jim Wallis' response. Like I said, I was a little behind the times on this. This all happened when I was still in denial of having a son and blocked EVERYTHING out.
**You're wondering why this all came up in the first place. It was due to an e-mail I got to do an end-of-the-year donation to Sojo.

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